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Gonzales High School IXL Log-in Page for Algebra I Students:


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Ms. Menking's Schedule
1st period: 8:10-8:56 am
2nd period: 8:59-9:45 am
3rd period: 9:48-10:41 am
4th period: 10:44-11:30 am
5th period: 11:30 am-12:19 pm
6th period: 12:22-1:08 pm
7th period: 1:11-1:57 pm
8th period: 2:00-2:46 pm
9th period: 2:49-3:35 pm

After School Tutorials
Tutorials are currently scheduled for every

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via email at rachel.menking@gonzalesisd.net or call me at 830-672-7535 ext 2227.

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Skills Practice Needed to EXCEL!

Great news!
The Algebra I teachers were the recipients of a grant from the Gonzales ISD Education Foundation. With our funds, we now have accounts to IXL for every Algebra I and RTI student at Gonzales High School. On IXL, students are able to work on different skills from the Algebra I curriculum in fun and innovative ways.
Also, because it is a web-based program, students can work on problems at home! Just go to the log-in page linked below to get started.