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Chemistry Honors (Period 2)

Mr. Richard Lee Krum

Course Description


The Honor Chemistry courses at Gonzales High School exist to provide academically strong and motivated students with opportunities to enhance and enrich their education.  The courses challenge students to think and create at the highest levels of their abilities and encourage them to excel as they work to realize their potentials.  The Honor chemistry courses have established higher standards and expectations than courses in the regular curriculum.  Higher standards are defined as an accelerated pace and greater depth.  Students enrolled in the course are expected to develop refined and advanced critical thinking skills and apply those skills in examinations, presentations, labs and projects.

 The Honor Chemistry class will move at a faster pace and will present students with expectations for higher quality work, not necessarily a greater quantity of work, than those in the regular curriculum.  Students will be expected to complete activities requiring higher levels of thinking.

 Expectations of Honor Students

Maintain an above average percentage in the course

Consistently completes and submits work on time

Consistently completes and submits assignments that demonstrate thorough preparation

Consistently completes and submits high quality written work

Consistently demonstrates an attitude of cooperation, active participation, and good classroom attendance

Consistently sets a positive example for others in class by exhibiting positive behavior and carrying his/her load in group work situations

Lab Safety Scientific Processes, Measurement, and Calculations Dimensional analysis Matter and Change Atomic Structure Nuclear Chemistry Electron Configuration Periodic Table Chemical Bonding (VSEPR Theory & Hybridization) Chemical Formulas: Naming, Using formulas
Determining Interpreting and Balancing Chemical Equations Types of Chemical Reactions Stoichiometry, Solids, Liquids, and Gases Thermochemistry Thermodynamics Kinetics Equilibrium Gas Laws Solution Chemistry and Colligative Properties Acids and Bases, Titrations and pH Organic Chemistry.

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